5 Best Dash Cam For Truckers With GPS And Night Vision


best trucker gpsYou will record as many videos as you can without the fear of them getting written over so definitely it is one of the best dash cams for truckers. 1. Comes with everything you need in the box. 2. Great GPS feature. 3. No battery, no worry. 4. Easy to install. 1. Recorded quality was poor at night. License plates can’t read. 2. Cable too short from GPS unit. This car camera has clear recordings because it records in High-Definition (HD) mode. It uses 1920x1080p HD resolution to produce high-quality images and clips documenting your daily driving. The recording happens at a speed of 30 frames per second. The dashboard camera starts recording automatically each time you ignite your car and stops when the engine stops running. It saves you the time for manual setups thereby providing you an ample time to concentrate on driving. One significant advantage is that this new device as a full field of view amounting to 150 degrees. A full field view offers a broad road coverage which provides enough details in the event of an accident. The high field of view is important when you zoom in the video using the minimum image distortion. You get a clear view of what is happening on all lanes on the road. This gadget has an energy-saving LCD screen off timer to help you preserve the battery. You don’t want your camera to go off after one hour of recording. The camera uses the car battery while driving but switches to its power once you stop the engine.

Best Trucker Gps

Summary: The Garmin RV 660LMT is designed specifically for RV users, so if you enjoy camping, road trips or towing recreational or utility trailers, then this is the navigation system for you. The screen is a whopping 6 inches with 800 x 480 resolution, you get a directory of all of the parks and services locations, and Easy Route Shaping and Elevation Map tool help you plan the best RV route. Hands free technology via Bluetooth enabled or the Smartphone Link app means that you can enjoy hand-free contact with civilization as you drive using your mobile devices. The AZGIANT Multifunctional Car Truck Navigation GPS is a basic navigational system for truckers. This unit has a wide, 7-inch high definition display screen, is specifically designed and manufactured for professional truck drivers with its 3 in 1 functions of GPS, DVR driving recorder and tablet. It is built with an Android operating system 512MB of RAM and 16 GB ROM, wireless transmission with internet capability. Custom coat protects your surfaces from rust, corrosion, abrasions, stains, and the harmful effects of the suns UV rays. The application is easy as it can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on using a gun, all you need to do is to add the hardener, give a good shake and begin to apply. This product also creates a water/moisture resistant surface that will absorb noises and vibrations often caused when tools, equipment, and supplies collide in your truck bed. The AZGIANT comes preloaded with all North American maps with a lifetime guarantee of free map updates, Google maps are also supported by this system.

  1. Decent sound quality (important due to the excess noise in truck cab)
  2. Sometimes faces battery problem
  3. The box comes with all the original accessories with one year of warranty
  4. 5 Best Front and Rear Dash Cam for Your Vehicle
  5. Excellent Customer Service
  6. Get all the maps of North America and HD Digital Traffic updates for lifetime
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best trucker gps

There are GPS devices for car travelers that are very good devices with many features that help drivers get where they need to go with minimal hassles of getting lost. Truck drivers have totally different needs than just a person driving a car. Truck drivers need to know the specific routes that big trucks are able to drive on, how much clearance the bridge coming up has so they do not get stuck or rip the top off their rig. So a regular car GPS is fine for your average everyday driver, but those are not always a good option for truck drivers or delivery drivers. After interviewing and surveying many truck drivers and their wives or family members, they recommended their top brands and models. This is rated the best by truck drivers. It has many great features that are specific to truck drivers and not general car drivers. It has the huge 7 inch screen. Plus hours of testing by actual truck drivers. This has expanded wifi ranges connection services to offer gas price comparisons and weather updates as well as truck routing features. This model has the 5 inch screen. This model has the 7 inch huge screen and the high quality of Garmin manufacturing. It rates in the top choices right up there with Rand McNally. It customizes trucking routes and offers lifetime updates. Made with truckers in mind, with the smaller 5 inch screen, it still offers great trucker features and lifetime traffic and maps updates. This is the newest from Worldnav with high res screen touch screen and blue tooth capabilities. It also offers support for a rear camera. Truck routing is also included and a 7 inch screen. Designed for commercial drivers with the extra large 7 inch high definition touch screen display. They offer premium features for productivity and safety of drivers. It also has external audio and video inputs for road cameras. This is the newest roadmate commmercial line with safety features and productivity features. It fits well in small spaces of trucks as well. Light weight, thin with the high definition 7 inch touch screen. Can insert up to 32 GB sd/MMC memory card, built in speakers better truck routing live traffic predictions and gas prices as well as weather. 5 inch high def touch screen is thin and light weight, with four times more trucking attributes, truck friendly POI by ProMiles and TruckDown. Lifetime Map updates are included. Now that you know the best GPS devices available it is time to find the best trucking job available to you. Here you will find the easiest way to find great truck driver jobs.