A Healthy Gut Is Essential To A Healthy Weight


healthy weight2. Make friends with fermented foods. Fermented foods provide probiotics. Greek yogurt and kefir, a tangy dairy drink that's packed with healthy bugs, are a good start. Look for products that say "live and active cultures" on the label, and avoid those with added sugar that can feed undesirable bacteria. Other probiotic powerhouses include naturally fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles; they contain both live bacteria and prebiotics (see below) that nourish gut bacteria.

The first answer is biological: you're either menopausal, or just about pre-menopausal. While menopause is a perfectly natural part of the aging process, it means that your body is going through perhaps the most significant set of changes since you had kids. And part of those changes is weight gain-especially if you're not physically active. Those creaky joints might be keeping you from your normal exercise routine, and if that's so, then the resulting metabolic slowdown will translate into weight gain, even if your diet hasn't changed.

  • Low-fat frozen yogurt plus berries of your choice
  • You exercise
  • Whole-grain bagel, sprinkled with grounded flaxseeds with nut butter on top
  • Baked sweet potato with non-fat cottage cheese on top
  • Take the right supplements
  • 15 minutes of exercise each day

healthy weight

Repeat this slow, rhythmic breathing five more times. Allow yourself to relax for a moment into a feeling of well-being. WHEN TO USE: Inhale before you eat out in restaurants (before ordering), when you go grocery shopping, and whenever you get the urge for a snack. It is a simple pure essential oil formula that is not harmful to the environment and is wonderfully inexpensive to make. Over time you will notice your stomach capacity will shrink and so will your appetite. And extra calories result in packing on extra pounds. Our body no longer knows how to regulate its "setpoint," the level that is biologically ideal for us. But don't worry. I offer information to help you learn how to reset this powerful mechanism so that your body can naturally achieve its healthiest weight.