Best Exercises To Lose Weight


best exercise to lose weightYou will see the difference in yourself within days. This exercise not only makes you slim but also gives your legs good strength. Your stomach works fine and your stamina improves. If you have extraordinary fats on your body, running might not give you the desired results. You have to include up-down in your exercise with running. And high intensity circuit style weight training is a time efficient way to shape and tone up all your muscles and burn heaps of fat at the same time. Each high intensity workout lasts only 20 minutes. Of course you can go longer as you get fitter if you like. I find 30-40 minutes to be ideal for me and most of my clients. You also need to train often.

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  • 4 Days X Fast walking for 45 minutes
  • 200 M sprints for 8 times
  • 400 m X 10 X 2 days
  • Interval training
  • Abdominal crunches
  • 30 seconds easy
  • 400 m sprints for 10 times

best exercise to lose weightInstead of the upper body coming up to meet the knees simply lift the shoulder blades off the floor in a partial sit up movement. Especially good for the leg muscles: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and gluteals. Calf raises: For calf raises stand on a step or a curb with balls of your feet supporting your body weight and your heels hanging unsupported. It is important to give detail to this phase, as it determines the amount of energy you have to perform in the sprint phases. As you may imagine, an interval routine consists of a warm-up phase, followed by alternating repetitions of the sprint and rest phases, and concludes with a cool down phase. The workouts only last for 20-30 minutes, yet studies have recently proven that high intensity interval training is more effective for fat loss than a moderate intensity workout.

Aerobic exercises are also sometimes called cardio exercises. Cardio exercises are exercises that increase your heart rate by at least fifty percent and sustained over a period of time, so your preferred type of aerobic exercise does this, it's also cardio exercise. There are basically two types of cardio exercises, the slow and steady and the high intensity type. Ever wonder why after months of difficult exercise routines you are still not losing the amount of weight that you set out for yourself. Well did you know that you could change all that just by choosing the exercises which best do the job, The exercises you choose in your weight loss program are supposed to be fun and not feel like you are in boot-camp because lets face it nobody wants to do something everyday that they don't like. Where do I start,

They are also amazing selections for working the biceps.

Another wonderful attribute about skipping is that you can alter the pace of your jumping or you can even alter the duration of your jump in order to burn the excess fat. The third exercise which is considered extremely potent for reducing weight is the exercising done on rowing machine. They can be a little uncomfortable during the first few days, but become easier as you get used to a routine. Rows as an exercise are helpful in working out and toning major muscles especially those that are located on the upper part of the back. They are also amazing selections for working the biceps. Apart from helping in weight loss, they tone you up. When added to a daily exercise routine, interval training boosts fitness levels and thereby helps in shedding off the pounds.