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special k dietThe Special K diet, also referred to as Special Kellogg’s Diet, is a diet method created by the Kellogg Company that includes their Special K products in the daily diet menus. Their main diet plan is called the “Special K Challenge,” through which the goal is to lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks. In the “Special K Challenge” diet plan, for two meals every day, you can have either the Special K cereal, the Special K protein meal bar, or the Special K protein shake.

  • Consume beverages as you normally would
  • The diet is very repetitive and you may get bored easily
  • Whatever beverage is desired
  • For snacks, choose from fresh fruits and vegetables or a Special K Bars
  • Consume beverages as you normally do
  • Eat your third meal as you normally do
  • High sugar

special k diet

And studies have shown that adequate calcium intake can help you lose weight. 2. You'll be eating breakfast on a regular basis, which is supposed to help kick-start your metabolism, which also aids in weight loss. 1. There are no exercise recommendations. 2. Nor are there any suggestions for a healthy, non-cereal meal. 3. You'll be getting very little fiber or whole grains. 4. The diet is very repetitive and you may get bored easily. In conclusion, the Special K Diet Challenge Plan is very similar to other meal replacement plans. You'll probably lose weight following the plan as you'll be eating fewer calories and less fat than normal. If you want to try a meal-replacement plan, your best bet would be to combine several of them to add a more variety of options.