The Original Cabbage Soup Diet Review & Recipe [November 2018 Update]


You also need to find a recipe that is low sodium. If you can control the amount of sodium that you consume, you should be able to shed your extra pounds quickly. If you’re going to be eating cabbage soup all the time, you’re not going to want to use the same recipe all of the time. Safe: When sticking to the plan, you won’t risk melting your muscles. My improved plan allows the intake of two protein shakes per day. On top I’ve refined the concept so that you’ll never feel hungry. Delicious: No bland soup recipe any more. You will find more than 50 delicious cabbage soup variations which are high in fiber on this website. Many of my valued readers shared their favorite recipe with us, too. On top, I’ll give you plenty of preparation and cooking tips that will help you saving your precious time and money.

cabbage soup diet

Let soup cook for a long time (a hour works well). The idea is to eat as much cabbage soup as you like every day - enough to keep you full up. Plus specific additional foods on each day of the seven day diet. No alcohol is allowed. Water are not limited and unsweetened fruit juice on days when fruit is allowed. Thus total volume of cabbage soup is 4.2 l (148 oz.).

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  • Don’t add salt substitute to your soup, but you can add a little spice
  • 6 large green onions (150 g/ 5 oz)
  • 3 large tomatoes
  • 1 cup carrots, diced
  • Season to taste with salt,pepper,parsley, garlic powder, etc
  • ½ bunch of parsley

One final con of the diet and perhaps a fairly embarrassing one; is the flatulence that comes with it. Cabbage has high sulfur content and as such produces a significant amount of gas in the intestinal tract as the food is being processed. This means that dieters are likely to suffer a fair amount of discomfort with feelings of bloating and the passing of substantial amounts of gas for the duration of the regime.