The Reasons Why Low Calorie Diets Do Not Work


low calorie dietThere are foods that are classed as negative foods, these are foods that take a greater number of calories to digest than they contain, take an apple for example. An apple contains 100 calories yet it takes the body 150 calories to digest it, this results in a calorie deficit which then results in weight loss. Don't think that weight training is the domain solely of the body builder, it is not, weight training is used to build lean muscle.

  • Don't treat Calories as your enemy
  • Weight training for muscle building
low calorie diet

For people who are obese and are suffering from their weight related condition, the main advantage of a very low calorie diet is that they can lose weight very quickly. They can lose up to 20 lbs per month as it’s possible to lose 5 lbs each week on this kind of diet. If you are tempted to go on a crash diet you could be putting your health at risk and doing more harm than good. While all these things are not going to happen to you immediately, there is a danger you will keep up the low calorie regime for too long and cause some of these effects.

Maybe. But the more important question is, “Will it be safe,

The good news is that you could now rest easy as the 500 calorie diet is here to assist you deal effectively with your weight-loss difficulty. I am a weight loss expert who has been writing on this topic for quite some time and I know for sure that it’s much easier to gain weight rather than lose it. In one of the most celebrated weight-loss feats in recent memory, television talk show host Oprah Winfrey shed 67 pounds in four months on a very low-calorie liquid formula diet. If it worked for her, will it work for you, Maybe. But the more important question is, “Will it be safe, ” Experts are finding that these diets may be dangerous for many people, especially those who are only mildly obese.

Lean muscle burns a lot of calories, so the more lean muscle you have the faster you can burn off weight. Protein rich foods help build lean muscle not only that, they also act as a natural appetite supressant making you feel less hungry and therefore eat less. Low calorie foods don't allow the body to build muscle and will actually result in muscle loss. The less muscle a body has the lower the metabolic rate and the lower the metabolic rate the less fat is burned, so there is the reson why low calorie foods do not work. In fact low calorie diets often mislead people into believing the weight that is lost, which won't be much, is fat loss when in fact it will be water and muscle loss. Bottom line: You will not lose any fat, with a low calorie diet!