Why The Special K Diet Doesn’t Work (And Makes You Gain Weight!)


Like most women, I used to think eating Special K cereal for breakfast was a healthy choice. Check. Fruit on front of the box, A girl in a red dress promising me I could be as happy and slim as her, I got to work on a brand that I loved, a brand that helped connect with and understand women so that they could lead a healthier life. The Special K Diet is a program where you eat Kellogg’s Special K cereal for breakfast and either lunch or dinner. According to recent studies, 3 out of 4 dieters who followed this diet plan achieved a slimmer waste and hips and even lost up to six pounds over a two-week period.

It was such a releif of my shoulders, and I started to relax a little.

special k dietI started walking to work and I started to lose more and more of my weight. Finally something was actual working. It was such a releif of my shoulders, and I started to relax a little. I liked to go shoping now. All the cute clothes were fiting me now. I think in the first month of this new diet I went from a size twenty to a six sixteen jean. However be careful not to over-consume fruits and nuts (they can be high-calorie). Make sure to eat healthy for your 1 prepared meal, since this is where you will be getting most of your nutrients. Do not do the “Special K Challenge” diet for longer than 2 weeks at a time. This plan has too high a ratio of prepackaged foods. Also, it may slow down your body’s metabolism if you continue too long on a low-calorie diet.

How does it work, We’d all love to lose an inch from around our waist, especially in only two weeks time, so as the Special K diet claims to do both of these things, it sounds pretty appealing. Since it came into circulation the Special K diet has continued to be incredibly popular as a quick-fix solution to weight loss. Then, you choose your favorite Special K cereal and products for your weight-loss plan. Lastly, you select which day of the week you would like to start your challenge. The result is a personalized, Special K seven-day diet meal plan. Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks contain Special K cereal and other Special K products, based upon your selections during the questionnaire.

  • Special K meal bar for lunch
  • You probably will not develop good eating habits
  • Low-calorie breakfast cereal
  • Eat your third meal of the day as you normally do
  • High sugar
  • Pretty effective
  • Take a multi-vitamin every day to ensure you are getting your basic nutrients
  • Inflammatory ingredients
special k diet

2. Replace another meal with another serving of your favorite Special K cereal or Special K protein meal bar. 3. Eat your third meal of the day as you normally do. 4. You're allowed to have two snacks per day, such as fruits and vegetables or any of the Special K line of snack bars, cereal bars, snack bites and Special K2O Protein Water.

But does it really work,

Most people really do lose some weight in the first two weeks the same as with most slim diets. Simply put: Nothing. You won't lose much more weight then that. Moreover, if you go back to a regular diet program you will probably regain Some of that lost weight quickly. If you don't like the The Special K Diet Challenge Plan that you've been given, you can easily reset your challenge and start all over again! Okay, that's the basics of the Special K Diet Challenge Plan. But does it really work, And is it healthy, 1. You'll be adding calcium to your diet.