10 Awesome Bodyweight Exercises For Judo


This seems like a simple exercise but is actually very difficult. Hang off a chin up bar and let your legs hang slightly off the floor. Contract your core muscles, slightly bend your knees and raise your feet as high as you can towards the bar. Try to avoid any excess swinging. If this is too difficult then raise your knees to your chest instead. For so many guys that want to look athletic building wide lats is important as it gives that look of having a strong upper body. Having a wide back gives anyone the appearance of being sexy and dominant but is often seen as difficult to achieve. Having Weights and other types of equipment can be a benefit when wanting to build muscle or if you are trying to get lean but the best equipment is often your body.

Chin Ups: In this exercise you use palms in grip.


Close Grip Pull Up: This variation of a pull up will work the lower lats more. It is much easier to do this pull ups variation and should be done after the exercises mentioned so far. Chin Ups: In this exercise you use palms in grip. Chin ups work the middle part of the back, biceps and the lats are a secondary muscle group that benefits. Although they are often confused as a pull up, they are not the same. What differentiates a pull up from chin-ups is the position of the hands. As you can see, building wide lats does not require much equipment or weights. Simply having a pull up bar or something like it will help you achieve the strong back you have been wanting.

  • Diamond push ups
  • Isometric - Position held for time (example: holding the bottom position of a squat)
  • Pushups, 3x10, 60 seconds rest between each set
  • Pull ups

However, it is ultimately a phony look. Karl would call it counterfeit muscle. All of that muscle you acquire may look good, but none of it is worth a damn. What can you do with it, If you get tired playing tennis or pull a muscle lifting a bag of groceries, who cares, If you want to get in superior shape the strength you have must be balanced with stamina and flexibility. When I first started working out, I followed a bodybuilding program I found in a muscle magazine. At first, the results were great, however, after about 6 months of bodybuilding workouts, I actually ended up getting fat, slow, and bulky. My goal was to be lean, fast, and athletic. A friend of mine suggest I try bodyweight training.

Oh, and although you can do L-sits on the ground, it’s easier to start on a set of parallettes or on a dip bar. With the parallette bars on either side of you, grip them with both hands and lift yourself off the ground in a tucked position, making sure to keep everything tight. I’ve seen it be suggested that you should switch your hands in the mixed grip with each set to avoid imbalances but I’ve also seen people say this isn’t necessary provided you have a well structured training plan. Deadlifts are no exception, so if you’re currently only deadlifting once per week then consider upping your deadlift frequency to 2 or 3 times a week to get some more practice in.

Return to the starting position and repeat. Start with 6-8 reps and progress to 20-30 as your strength and fitness improve. 8. "Pistols" One Legged Squats. This is one of my favourites! If I could only do one exercise this would be the one! If this is your first time, start off with a chair or something that is approximately the height of a chair.