LISTED BELOW ARE the 21 Best Beaches In The World According To National Geographic…One Is In Michigan! These beaches offer from pearly sands and tropical flora, to dramatic cliffs and jade-green waves. Message: Is it possible to guess which Michigan beach made the list,

They are straight out of fairytales: azure blue waters, miles of shimmering golden sand; palm and other exotic tropical plants swaying in the breeze; swarms of colorful butterflies flitting around; not to mention, total peace… and tranquility.

These are a few of the common characteristics of among the best & most popular beaches in the world – created naturally for the enjoyment of man. Visit them once and you’ll continue back. And again again. For the sheer natural splendor, the peace they provide and the new sea breeze that’s sure to rejuvenate the most tired bodies and minds. 21 Best Beaches in the World1.

  • Bowman’s Beach, Florida
  • One Foot Island, Cook Islands
  • Cathedrals Beach, Spain
  • Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Point
  • Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Ranked the No 1 beach in the global world by many renowned travel magazines and websites, Playa Del Amor is exclusive due to the “hidden beach” — an opening that’s nearly invisible as you swim in from the se.

21 best beaches in the worldThe hidden beach includes a rock ring encircling it. Its famous Love Beach allows only 6 visitors at any particular time. Great privacy and grand natural splendor get this to beach a genuine pack leader. Sure merits the first mention one of the better beaches in the global world. If you haven’t been here, you’ve missed a grand one with regards to the very best beaches in the world.

Giant boulders, virgin white sands, brilliant turquoise blue waters, rows of palm greenery and fronds galore get this to beach on the Indian Ocean essential visit. It’s the world’s most photographed ocean front also. Perfect for honeymooners, nature and eco-tourism lovers. Located in Ribadeo, on the Spanish Galician coast in the northwest, this beach has some grand rock arches that resemble the flying buttresses unique to Gothic cathedrals. What’s more, these have already been carved by sea waves naturally. Perfect for visiting during low tide as the beach gets submerged completely with the water rising.

Its natural splendor apart, Sunset Beach offers you the opportunity to write down your dreams, random thoughts and wishes in notebooks that are kept within a mailbox on the beach’s west end because the Seventies.

So allow poet or writer in you dominate when you visit. You are feeling that you’re somewhere from THE WORLD when you visit Tapuaetai beach. It be called by the Maoris Tapuaetai, meaning one footprint.

You just have to cross a translucent lagoon to obtain a breathtaking view of the palm-fringed shoreline. Also don’t forget to get a passport stamp that’s footprint-shaped from the neighborhood postoffice as a souvenir. Bowman’s beach on Sanibel Island is a shell hunter’s paradise.

You get all of the conchs, sand dollars, coquinas and various other sea offerings that that the currents of the Mexican Gulf generate. The island of Koh Rung Sanloem offers a most picturesque view using its huts, azure blue waters and silken sand beaches. Sail away on wooden boats to the Thai Gulf, go for a walk in its jungle or just nap on hammocks as the gentle sea breeze lulls you right into a deep, deep sleep.

Sheer heaven, wouldn’t you say. One of the better beaches in the world is Lyme Regis Beach also. A haven for shell paleontologists and collectors. Ingest the 180-million-year-old fossil remains simply, spiral-shaped ammonites and a number of embedded sea creatures on the encompassing rocks. Titled the Jurassic Coast of England aptly.

Go to the Lyme Regis Museum for fossil walks. Visit in-may to see the yearly fossil festival, known for feting the planet earth sciences through music, exhibits and plays. Shell Beach on western Australia’s Shark Bay has been declared a worldwide world Heritage site by UNESCO.

Known because of its amazing white cockleshells, spread over miles — some even thirty feet deep! A nature photographer’s delight, Shell Beach also offers the initial Old Pearler Restaurant — built completely of shells!

When you’re visiting Carmel-by-the-Sea, you’re entering a free-for-all world. Everybody’s relaxing and having an enjoyable experience, no holds barred. Go to the world-renowned Pebble Point and Beach Lobos. Deservedly finds its place one of the better beaches in the world for the out- of- this-world experience it provides! Ideal for beach and dog lovers.

Stretching over 400 miles, this beach has patches of hard-packed sand also. Ingest the view of Haystack Rock that looms offshore as also the yearly grand dog show every October.

Have you ever heard of a green-sand beach, One for you here’s. Known for the cinder cone called Puu Mahana, that’s an impressive 49,000 years old! Go tiny or olivine crystal hunting in the rocks that surround Puu Mahana.

Of course, you’ll have to trek two miles to make it happen. But it’s sure worthwhile. Among the North Sea’s most exotic beaches at Noordwijk – a seaside town. Posseses an exclusive dog beach that encourages human-canine bonding through walks and in addition offers dog-friendly lodgings and restaurants.

21 best beaches in the worldSkirting the fantastic Santa Cruz Island at Zamboanga, this features pink sand! The colour is from crushed red coral that mixes with the sand. Visits however are, regulated. So make advance arrangements with Zamboanga’s tourist office.

This again is exclusive due to the black sand! Situated on the south coast of Iceland, Reynisfjara Beach’s sea stacks of pure basalt too, certainly are a visual delight. Plunge in to the Indian Ocean out of this public beach to see underwater real life nothing you’ve seen prior. Known because of its South Water Caye Marine Reserve, this beach offers a safe swimming substitute for the nearby reef. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of colorful angelfish extremely, coral, sea turtles and blue tang.

An excellent and unforgettable experience, obviously. Breathe in the new mistral wind and ingest the beach’s abundance of olive trees and juniper bushes. Be mesmerized by the Piscinas Dunes at southwestern Sardinia’s Green Coast – the Costa Verde. The complete canvas of sea, sand and sky is ever changing.