4 Proven Weight Loss Motivation Techniques

weight loss motivation

Get my free weight loss program complete with recipes, meal plans, and workouts and start seeing real results right away. You’ll know exactly what to do to stay motivated and lose weight! A lot of times when we’re trying to get motivated we pick role models for ourselves in order to feel the fire! This works, but there’s a catch.

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Get your family and friends involved. Start taking your kids out for bike rides or go walking with your friends once a week. Sign up for a race or event. Now you have a tangible reason to put your runners on - you're in training. Choose an event that's happening about 8 to 10 weeks from now. That should give you enough time to get back in the exercise groove. Find a workout partner. Research has proven that people who exercise with a spouse, friend, or coworker are more likely to stick with it.

It may also be ways that it can help people you have not even met yet.

weight loss motivation

The more reasons the better. The more people you lose weight for the better. It may also be ways that it can help people you have not even met yet. No matter why you decide to start a weight loss diary, it is certain that you will want to record your weight. If you goals are focused on weight loss only, then you may get disheartened, as many people do, when you reach the inevitable diet plateau. Your body will fit back, your metabolism will change, and weight loss will stall. This is a natural part of the process! Plateaus happen. Know this ahead of time and do not get disheartened when it does.

This is probably one of the reasons why we do get messages from people each week saying they would love to have a personal session in order to lose weight. Now unfortunately for most people that listen to these sessions it’s impossible for them to visit my practice to have a private one to one session. But what if it was, Well I’m pleased to announce that you can now have a private one to one session in order to lose weight. You can now tell me exactly what positive change you want and the benefits of having of having this. I can then use this information to record you your very own custom weight loss hypnosis session.

Eat less, taste more.

Weight loss motivational quotes are an exceptional way to keep yourself motivated. Motivational quotes like these 25 below are like nudges in the side that keep you focused on your goal. Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality. Eat less, taste more. The biggest weight loss secret, Manage your emotions or they will keep mismanaging you. Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window … but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.

I have to try this!

Ship Shape Challenge winner Susan remembers looking at IdealShape success stories and thinking to herself, “I could be HER! I can relate to HER! I have to try this! With the right role models in mind and dedicating herself to her goals, Susan lost 75 pounds with IdealShape! Below are just a few of our amazing weight loss success stories. Click here to check out all of our IdealShape success stories and get motivated just like Sue did!