Get A Gymnast Body Using Only Bodyweight Exercises


bodyweightFor example, when you see a gymnast competing you will notice that they spend much of their time on apparatus like bars, parallel bars, rings and the pommel horse. Ideally you can try to copy these types of exercises in your workouts. The best exercises to use are any that work on the shoulders, back, chest, arms and legs and the core preferably in a compound type movement. In order to create the most effective type of workout using these bodyweight exercises make sure you don't do all of these exercises on the same day or on consecutive days.

  • 3 rounds of
  • Pull ups
  • Handstand push ups
  • Pullups, 3x5, 60 seconds rest between each set
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Isometric - Position held for time (example: holding the bottom position of a squat)
  • Pushups, 3x10, 60 seconds rest between each set
  • Eccentric - Lowering portion of the movement (example: lowering yourself during a pushup)


If this is a struggle for you, continue to work on this position until you can hold it for 10-15 seconds at the least. Next, try and extend one leg at a time, holding the position for about 5 seconds. The full L-sit requires you to extend both legs, keeping them as straight as possible. Note: Though they may look simple, L-sits are a pretty advanced exercise, so if you try them and can’t do them quite yet, don’t get discouraged. If you want a really fantastic tutorial on progressions to doing an L-sit, check out this article by the ever so talented Gold Medal Bodies.