In one of the interviews Prashant Neel, the Director had said that he has watched KGF more than 150 times while editing. While shooting, Bhuvan Gowda, the cinematographer used to carry around 40kgs of the camera and its accessories on top while canning the sequences in windy and dusty region.

Yash looks awesome. Great performance by director, cinematographer and music director. Directed by, Prashanth Neel, this grand, larger than life, period drama is proof that great visuals, phenomenal stunt, and path-breaking sound design are not enough to make a film outstanding. A film of this scale relies on its characters for emotional support. In KGF also just like Ugramm, many characters get introduced and thus challenges one’s memory to remember the count of characters. The Chapter 1 depicts about the greed and the race for one-up man-ship within many characters in getting the control of Goldmine, KGF.

K.G.F: Chapter 1 Review

What’s Passion? To work or put efforts on something repeatedly until you get it absolutely right, which one loves and holds close to the heart without getting distracted even for a second. The film’s second half is perfectly fit for climax. The film’s most interesting part is the film’s screenplay and story patterns seem to be successful in keeping people engaged, with Rocky slowly drifting into his style.

The scenes and dialogues in the film are so spectacular that people are unable to stop themselves from clapping and whistling. The film moves very fast in the first half, which also seems a bit long drawn. The story of the first part of the film serves to create the character of Rocky, who does not stop until he reaches his goal.