But I upgrade formats as continually as I’ve done because I’m always after that extra few percent of the experience, this forum wouldn’t even exist if people didn’t want and appreciate seeing their favourites in best-ever quality. Pan and scan, cut to ribbons, adverts (even a break for the news I think?), terrible dubbing for the swearing, and I still watched it religiously, the rest of my family was absolutely sick of seeing it.

Rambo First Blood 2 Review

And if those goalposts get shifted regarding “best-ever quality” then I’ll be right there with it, my ‘eye’ for this stuff got me some work doing QC on an upcoming restoration of a beloved horror classic, so I dare say my persnickety nature has even done some good. He then gets set up and sent to his likely death by a federal government (during a time when Republican Ronald Reagan was in office) who didn’t want the can-do spirit of post-Carter America soiled by pesky details like forgotten POWs from last decade’s scarring war.

From there, the action builds up, right from when Rambo gets stuck on the plane. Outfitted with the latest in technology, Rambo is flown to Vietnam to perform a parachute jump into enemy territory. The film was received as something of a fantastical “what-if” scenario, operating under the notion that the Vietnam War was lost because the US government wouldn’t allow one-man-armies like John Rambo to do what they were trained to do. He is a Vietnam vet sent to fight and die by Lyndon Johnson (a Democrat) and Richard Nixon (a Republican) only to be bullied into aggression by American authority figures who don’t like his hippie long hair and the fact that he fought in a “lesser” war (as opposed to Brian Dennehy’s sheriff, who fought in the allegedly superior Korean War). These might not seem like huge changes, but it’s little details like period appropriate pop-culture references and internal monologues make all the difference to me.

If anything, Stallone’s Cobra (in which he tried to make his own hyper-violent Dirty Harry cop thriller) is far more the movie that critics accused Rambo: First Blood part II of being. It spawned a mini-wave of Rambo-related merchandise, including action figures and a kid-targeted animated series where Rambo saved the day without shedding a drop of blood. Really I can only speak about First Blood, which is one of my favorite films and the only one in the series that I care to own on home video, but IMO you should never seek to replace those blu-rays, because from what I’ve seen, the supposed “upgrades” are color downgrades.