Special K Diet

special k diet

Special K is a pretty fun diet because they let you eat tasty snacks. The Special K diet is pretty simple. Replace two meals a day with one serving of cereal, eat a third meal that is appropriately portioned and voila! Lose weight. What is great about this is that it works. The main advantage, of course, is ease. No cooking, no planning - except choosing between the Chocolatey Dipped Mocha or the Chocolatey Dipped Raspberry. If time is a problem for you, then nothing beats this diet. You can keep a supply of the foods in your car and happily grab and eat while driving to work. I can see that there is an advantage in not having to think about food. Sometimes choosing between various meals can cause us to start dreaming about food and lots of I - which is the last thing we need to be considering!

The only thing is it recommends you do this diet for 2 weeks but i did for few months.

special k diet

Special K diet has not sided workouts and has included them in the mainstream of diet program. Dieters are recommended to practice light workouts for minimum thirty minutes in a day. In addition to that, they shall endeavor to maintain a physically active schedule for the day. Special K diet program is simple and easy to follow diet program. I did the Special K diet 6 years ago and worked very well for me. The only thing is it recommends you do this diet for 2 weeks but i did for few months. I would then weigh myself every 2 weeks and as far as i can remember i would lose around 2lbs at every check. If i lost any weight i would have a small treat and start again for another 2 weeks. I went down 2 or 3 dress size.

This is what the Special K Diet is all about.

The basic principle of all weight diets is to burn more calories than what's taken by the body. In this way, losing weight is more guaranteed. This is what the Special K Diet is all about. It promises that if the person substitutes 2 meals a day with a trough of cereal or protein bars, that person will likely lose 2.7 kilograms in two weeks. The third meal of the day should be a low fat and nutritionally balanced meal so that your body can get the rest of the vitamins and minerals it needs to be healthy. Snacks are also permitted on this diet, provided that they are healthy ones such as fruit, vegetables, low fat yogurt or a Special K bar.

It's merely a reduced calorie diet then what most people eat.

Another idea is to limit the Special K products to 2 per day. For example, you could perhaps have it for lunch and 1 snack, and eat unprocessed foods for the rest of your meals and ensure that you do not exceed 1300 calories a day (for men 1600 calories). Yeah really, that's the secret to the Special K diet plan. It's merely a reduced calorie diet then what most people eat. If you typically eat 500 calories or higher for breakfast and lunch but then decrease those calories to about a hundred for those meals, you'll lose weight. Once you arrive at the evening meal, you'll end up being so hungry that you'll most likely over eat which is why you merely lose a couple of pounds each week instead of more.

  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Reduced chances of incurring heart problems because of lesser cholesterol and calorie intake
  • Adequate calcium intake for people who use skim milk for their cereals
  • Carbohydrate Overload
  • Whatever beverage is desired
  • Special K Bliss Creamy Berry Crunch

These are not healthy and may even lead to weight gain in the long-term if consumed excessively. The high sugar content may cause sugar spikes and extreme hunger. This may make the diet extremely painful or may lead to overeating. Some people may get tired of constantly eating the same kinds of prepackaged foods. It is not a diet that can be done for the long term. The Special K diet, backed by manufacturer, Kellogg, is one of the most intriguing diets to appear for a long time. Simple to do, relatively inexpensive and backed by research done at Loughborough University in England, this looks like a winner. How Does The Special K Diet Work, A balanced meal including carbohydrates, proteins and fats, vegetables and as much roughage as possible.