shoal bay anguilla

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But Anguilla’s beaches are so perfect, that I’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who disagrees. Put simply, with regards to fitting all of the butter and bread criteria for an ideal beach-fluffy white sand, warm turquoise water, an lack of large crowds and gently lapping waves-it doesn’t get superior to this.

Step to some of Anguilla’s many beaches and you will not be disappointed. Yes, there are two – Shoal Bay East and Shoal Bay West with Shoal Bay East being the main one additionally stripped right down to just “Shoal Bay” when referenced. Equally lovely however the less popular of the Shoal Bays, this beach walk takes us to Shoal Bay West. Addressing Shoal Bay West is easy.

Drive west on Anguilla’s main road until you go out of road! The primary road curves near West End Bay Apartments and ends at Shoal Bay West which lies on the southern shore of Anguilla and, as the other southern side beaches, claims a majestic view of St. Martin. Kick your shoes off, cross the street and walk up the sandy way to the open and gorgeous view of Shoal Bay West – you will be close to the center of the bay.

Ingest the scenery! Watch out at the ocean and you will see what some call “Blowing Rock.” Only a small spit of volcanic-type rock, it’s an excellent area for snorkeling and diving.

Look just a little left and on clear days you will see the neighboring islands of Saba and even closer, St. Martin. Fix your gaze back on the beach and begin walking left.

First you’ll immediately pass among the island’s most luxurious private villas that blends into its natural surroundings. It had been once home to Chuck Norris. From there, you can observe the complete eastern stretch of Shoal Bay West and everything situated on its eastern half (Covecastles is currently behind you). Looking ahead toward Trattoria Tramonto, Blue Waters Beach Apts. A bit further down the beach you’ll approach a fairly and popular restaurant on the white sand, Trattoria Tramonto.

Open for dinner and lunch, I’ve spent many relaxing hours on the beach loungers, only leaving them to swim in the ocean and sit in the restaurant indulging on the delicious Italian menu offerings with a chilled glass of wine. Treat you to ultimately a while at the family owned and friendly Trattoria Tramonto!

Beyond the restaurant just, also on the beach will be the moderate efficiencies called Blue Waters Beach Apartments. It’s an excellent spot to stay if you are looking for clean accommodations with a kitchen, on the beach and with tremendous views.

As you walk by Blue Waters’ loungers and beach umbrellas you’ll stumbled upon a little patch of rocks and shells. Raking through them searching for treasures is always fun. Considering just how much a beach can transform with weather and time, the quantity of shells varies nonetheless it seems almost always there is something special found here.

Beyond the tiny rocky area you can observe Altamer Resort peeking out, among the two high end accommodations on Shoal Bay West. It really is on the more southeastern cap and point where Shoal Bay West ends and Cap Juluca’s Maunday’s Bay begins.

As you pivot to carefully turn and walk back the direction you originated from, you can observe the whole amount of Shoal Bay West. While it isn’t the biggest bay on Anguilla, it really is sweeping and vast when you look in one end to the other.

Walking towards Covecastles is a visual treat if you want their particular and newer type architecture and clean white appearance with dark wood accents. The villas that define Covecastles will be the only structures on the western side of the beach.

As you walk the space of the bay, you’ll notice it’s mainly sandy with a few rocky patches occasionally. As erosion and weather play in, weekly to daily sometimes, the rocky patches in the center of the beach take turns being covered with sand.

Some full days you see them, other days you could never guess they lie below the sand. The slope of the beach is gradual and according to the ocean generally, could be pretty much steep.

  1. The Old Gwen’s
  2. The next closest is in Grand Case (SFG-L’Esperance) 16.4 away
  3. Barrel Stay
  4. There are 8 hotels and other accommodations in Shoal Bay
  5. The closest major airport is in The Valley (AXA-Clayton J. Lloyd Intl.) 5.1 from the town center

Usually, though, Shoal Bay West is simple to enter and is a superb bay for swimming thus. Another bonus for all those in seek of solitude, Shoal Bay West will not visit a complete large amount of boat traffic.

shoal bay anguillaFurther out you might see boats passing around the western end of Anguilla to be able to reach its northern side, but do they stop off at Shoal Bay West rarely.

It’s beautiful. It’s quiet. It’s walkable and swimmable. It’s near to the large number of West End businesses and is filled with a good Italian eatery if you cannot tear yourself from this small yet beautiful beach.