Windows 10 Pro 1909,657 Lite Edition x64 2020 is the latest Windows 10 Lite with a 64 Bit operating system that is very lightweight and fast compared to the version of Windows 10 in general. There have been many gigapurbalingga friends who have requested this Windows 10 Lite Edition x64. On this occasion we were finally able to share Windows 10 Lite Edition x64 2020 which is the latest Windows 10 Pro Lite Edition with bug fixes still found in the previous version.

As we know, there are many advantages in Windows 10 Lite Edition x64 such as faster, better performance, faster boot time, lack of telemetry, and small ISO file size. You can also use the update feature normally in this Windows 10 Lite Edition x64 . In Windows 10 Lite Edition x64 has also been removed some components that are not needed to improve the performance of Windows 10. So what are you waiting, soon you download and install Windows 10 Lite Edition x64 right now.

Diffrence bewteen win 10 pro and Win 10 Lite edition

  • Lite Edition Is faster
  • Lite Edition Better Perfomance
  • Lite Edition Better Boot Time
  • Lite Edition Smaller Size ISO
  • Lite Edition Fast Installation
  • Lite Edition No More Telemetry
  • Lite Edition Its Close too LTSB


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • StartIsBack


  • Windows Features in Control Center
  • All windows bloatware apps
  • Windows firewall (GUI)
  • Language Features
  • Windows defender
  • Windows update
  • Windows backup
  • Windows store
  • Powershell
  • BitLocker
  • Cortana
  • Other things…


  • IE11
  • WMP
  • Paint
  • Photo viewer
  • Remote desktop connection
  • Legacy components – Direct play
  • other things…


  • Disabled UAC
  • Disabled Windows Update
  • Disabled Search Index
  • Add Context Menu Run As Administrator
  • Add Context Menu Open CMD Here
  • Add Context Menu Take Ownership
  • and more Registry Tweaks